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  • Pay One Way With Our Round Trip Option

    What does it cost?

    This question is the main question asked when booking a limo service practically everywhere in the world. We completely understand the magnitude of the question. It’s in our DNA: Since the very beginning we set out to change the industry: Provide luxury limo service in the Quad Cities that is affordable for executives.

    Many companies are looking for affordable luxury limo service with companies who care about their budgets. As an example, Pharmaceutical companies are one of the many businesses that have limits to what can be spent on travel expenses.

    Lets say you have a professional event and you are the guest speaker: Your limo service in the Quad Cities, takes you to a small town in Iowa a few hours away. You give your presentation, answer some questions and ride back to the Quad Cities.

    You probably didn’t realize when hiring a limo service most companies charge you for transportation to your event + wait and again charge you back to your starting point.

    Why should you be charged round trip for your ride when the limo service you hired is located where you started your ride?

    If you start your Ride with Rave in the #QuadCities and return on the same day, you’ll only pay one way plus a minimum 2 hours wait plus any additional wait time.

    Executive Travelers benefit significantly with this type of service whenever a meeting is taking place outside of the Quad Cities and returning the same day.

    Some other suggestions that may be useful when you pay one way with our round trip option:

    -Your parents are visiting for the holiday and driving has become difficult

    - You have a specialty doctor appointment outside in Minneapolis or another part of the region

    - You need to go to a courthouse in another county

    - You need someone to drive you and follow you back to the Quad Cities

    There are many scenarios we can provide this type of service. If you have any questions please reach out to us at by calling us at 1 (610) 255-7283 or sending us an email at 610allrave@gmail.com