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  • After 26 years of  suffering with you, not only as a rider, I was also known as the company VP up until fairly recently as of when I wrote this article 11-11-2017 Veterans Day!  Before I say anything else,  If you are in the U.S  military or  have been a brother or sister who faithfully served, THANK YOU for your commitment to serve us, The U.S 
    The taxi cab business began in the 1990's
    Since the beginning, I hated the feelings I experienced if a driver showed up at the wrong address, or late or wasn't helpful.  I was over 20 years old when I started to work.  My first job was in the dispatch department. I wasn't great at the dispatch part (which driver is closest) but I worked hard to become more efficient. 
    I learned about  the customer pains but never had enough pull to make a solid difference.  Slowly,  I moved into operations. This was on again off again when I was needed, so I never really left it. 
    In my time growing with the company, the communication channels lapsed often. The check your work verifications the workers performed seemed like constant failures.
    Drivers would fail to pay attention  to coordinates and various other wild and wacky WTH? (Moments)!
    In my later years after my Mother in law passed away and I went to work in the trucking industry.
    I completely stopped selling life insurance and worked 3 hours M-F at USF Dugan and spent the rest of my free time with our kiddos every day to help fill the void of Grandma.
    I became a dislocated worker after 10 months of employment. I  actually gave USF a 2 weeks notice just 8 weeks before they were purchased by YRC.
    The USF Dugan side of the business lost their jobs while USF  Holland employees remained employed, probably because  YRC is  Union Strong while  USF Dugan, was not union.
    On the very last day of my 2 week notice, which also happened to be the last day of my training/orientation at Oscar Mayer, my terminal manager offered me $5 more an hour because I wanted to work a little more. A promotion happened and 5-6 weeks later I became a victim. 
    I was later in life when I lost my job at USF.
    I went to college and graduated with a degree in MIT. 
    My emphasis in education was focused on Computer Networks. 
    I had worked for a couple of places in the IT roll as network analyst but found I didn't really like it. 
    Yet again, I found myself doing more family operations. This time with a new way of thinking. Customer focus!
    It was 2012 I guess, I scoured the internet for a customer solution software, that could be easily  learned, regardless the age of the driver, accountant, dispatcher or maintenance employees. I also wanted it to be powerful enough to run various data inquiries.
    This is a tall order for a small business. To find such an animal would take time. Being diligent paid off, I found it! 
    I had to see it in action, in a real world environment!
    I took a flight to New Orleans with the President of my family business.
    The taxi company was in Shreveport Louisiana. 
    It didn't take long to determine its worth.  It was a clear a customer focused choice!
    I installed all the hardware necessary to take on the new system. 
    I started managing M-Sun 4 to 5 drivers during the day and 2-3 drivers on M-Sun at night.
    As soon as we implemented  the software, it instantly helped us grow to a 13-15 cabs every Friday-Saturday night. (Progress)! This was clearly a customer focused success :-)  Our employees  became efficient. I stressed the importance of change and asked them to trust me like any person of leadership except, I was already trustworthy because I had been there through the years. 
    It was relatively easy for some working with me over the years. I also had some resistance from those who didn't want to change. 
    We suddenly became diligent with our communication and  were nearly fail proof for pick ups. We were tops in customer focus (as good as it could be)! 

    Customers were finally excited to experience a customer focused change. What happened?
    I will say I couldn't cope. I was heartbroken and I felt betrayed. I couldn't stay. I left.... peacefully.

    Drivers rapidly began to miss the good moral that was once present. My passion, innovation, and  love for them left, the culture quicly became lame, blame and not so fame once again. I wish it ended differently. 
    My commitment to provide a reliable, professional and enjoyable service to you every time is something we prove day in and day out.
    Never in my life have I been more motivated to create a customizable car service experience for you. 
    I have a proven record in customer satisfaction, and have the experience, hiring chauffeurs that buy into a culture of customer service and commitment. I have strived to be a 5 Star service for 3 years as of 2017.


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